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Toronto Tailors - Walter Beauchamp Tailors

Toronto Tailors - Walter Beauchamp Tailors

Discover Toronto Canada’s longest standing finest custom bespoke tailoring for over 100 years; find men’s and women’s formal, casual, business and military clothing.

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145 Wellington Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada or give us a call at:(416) 595-5454

bespoke tailored suits

bespoke tailored suits

Side by side, on their hangers, it’s almost impossible to distinguish between a fine “bespoke” suit and a good “off-the-rack” example.  For, it’s only when you slip into a suit that’s been carefully measured and made to your exact specifications that the myriad of details that go into a custom tailor-made suit  make their presence felt. Details like the gentle roll of the lapel, careful hand stitching, the years of experience in cutting and finishing.  And the wisdom and understanding of your tailor. Taken individually, they may not seem important – but combined with a carefully selected fabric and a design that brings out the best – and cleverly conceals the less-than-perfect – there is simply nothing like the feeling of elegance and well-being that a Walter Beauchamp suit can impart.

Custom Tailored Suits:

custom tailored suit

custom tailored suit

Suit styles: Men’s and Ladies’ Single and Double Breasted

Vents: Centre, Side, No Vent

Collar: Peak, Notch, Shawl

Pockets: Ticket & Flap, Patch, Besom, Slant

Formal Wear: Tuxedo, Dinner Jacket, Morning Coat, Tailcoat

Uniforms: Military Patrol Uniform and Mess Kit

Casual Wear: Jackets, Trousers, Shirts, Sweaters, and Sport Jackets.

Custom Tailored Shirts:

Cuff Styles: Two Button, French

Collar Styles: Buttondown, Cutaway, French Point, English Spread

Pocket Styles: No Pockets, One Pocket, Two Pockets

Visit us at: 145 Wellington Street West M5J 1H8 (416) 595-5454  Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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